Bardo #2 (as told by) (2020) // in progress, supported by Musikfonds
whole body like a mouth (2019) // for Quiet Music Ensemble
Bardo #1 (layers) (2019) // for BLOCK4
breath-image (2017) // for Contemporary Music Ensemble Synaesthesis
Koans (2015-present) // text scores
Ten Bulls (2014-present) // ongoing cycle of memory pieces for various instrumentations (I-III)
Circular Auditorium (2014-2016) // recorders and electronics 
White Writing (2015) // for the RCM New Perspectives Ensemble



Si te encuentras a Bach en el camino, mátalo / If you meet Bach on the road, kill him (2020)
performance-lecture + 4-channel video 
spanish version
english version



Interviewed by Wingel Pérez for Mexican Scores (Spanish // English)
A more productive struggle: Towards a re-thinking of praxis after the Kyoto School (2017) // MA dissertation
The ruins of the future: Trauma and utopia at the limits of imagination (2017)
The abdication of understanding: Trialectical readings of Japanese philosophy and architecture (2017)
The question of a compassionate critical theory (2017)



Spanish to English:
Luis Villoro - The Unsayable in the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus

English to Spanish:
Christoph Cox - El mistral y el siroco: Hacia un pensamiento sónico