I was born and raised in Mexico, and currently live and work in Berlin
I work with a variety of media, primarily sound and text, to explore various lines of questioning. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

- Zen philosophy and meditation.
- Paradox and impossibility, particularly in speculative “non-” oriented approaches to disciplinary practice (Laruelle’s non-philosophy/non-Marxism, speculative non-Buddhism, etc.) 
- Intentional sabotage of creative and performative agency.
- Hybrid approaches to form and medium, particularly as a way of blurring the boundaries between “theory” and “practice” and thus examining through expressive activity the possibility of a radical concept of “praxis”.

I have a CV which lists, among other things, institutions where I have studied, people who have taught me, prizes and commissions I have received – as well as famous composers I have been in the same room with and thus are listed under “masterclasses”, prestigious ensembles that have hastily/poorly sight-read my music, and courses I’ve paid exorbitant amounts of money to take part in. If you really, really have a reason you need to see it, get in touch and I’ll be happy to send it.

Some of my work is now published by Babelscores.