breath-image (2017) // mixed ensemble
Koans (2015-present) // text scores
Ten Bulls (2014-present) // ongoing cycle of memory pieces for various instrumentations
Circular Auditorium (2014-2016) // recorders and electronics
White Writing (2015) // large ensemble and optional live electronics


Interviewed by Wingel Pérez for Mexican Scores (Spanish // English)
A More Productive Struggle: Towards a re-thinking of praxis after the Kyoto School (2017) // MA dissertation
The Ruins of the Future: Trauma and utopia at the limits of imagination (2017)
Lefebvre and the Abdication of Understanding: Trialectical Readings of Japanese Philosophy and Architecture (2017)
Rancière, Latour, and the question of a compassionate critical theory (2017)
On tracing Benjamin’s aura today (2016)
Capitalist Bodies: Self, habitus, and the locus of control (2016)